Dear Nicholas Andrew Warren,

Happy 22nd Birthday Bud! Tell me, what’s it like to party in heaven? Do you get to come visit us on your day? I hope it’s a good one!

It’s the 3rd year I’ve written to you on your birthday. It’s something I look forward to now, seeing how much has changed and sharing with the world how truly wonderful our family is. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shed a tear or two while writing this. It gets easier with time but I will always miss you and wonder who you’d be today.

As always, while I don’t know exactly who you’d be today, I know exactly who you’d be proud of;

Your Brothers:

35055110_1332520726881700_2383887740417605632_nNate is now a sophomore/senior at Paul Smith’s College and his summer internship employer is patiently waiting for him to graduate and join their crew full-time. He’s scored a wonderful girlfriend, Bekah, and you would love her, her sense of humor, kind heart and the way she fits into your family so perfectly.

Nate still inspires me to be a better person every time we talk, and still comes home to be with the family (and girlfriend) almost every weekend, holds the family together like glue and makes me proud to call him my little-big cousin.

IMG_1470Sam is now a freshman in high school! It felt like overnight he grew up into a teenager, in fact, I barely recognized him at Field Days this year and that threw me for a loop. We just went to his last home JVB football game this week and it was awesome, they won! Sam is incredible in so many ways. He’s got a heart of gold, an incredible athlete, person, a fun sense of humor and I just love him to pieces.

I love both of these boys (my cousins) as if they were my own brothers and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Your Parents:

img_3895Not only are they amazing parents, but they are amazing god-parents as well. They are my home, my place in the football stands cheering on the tigers, they are my teachers, my nights texting with Aunty Chele about life, gardens and recipes, and they keep me grounded and humble. I’m not sure I could ever thank them enough for the countless things they’ve done for me over the years, without them, I don’t know who or where I’d be right now.


SamWarren_flagfootball-2017-0047You would be proud of your father for rocking the career he loves. He’s the Facilities Maintenance Manager for ACSU and loves helping the teachers and children around Addison County. He’s there for every game, event and moment of the boys lives and he is the most incredible man, father, uncle and friend to everyone around him.

IMG_0899You would be proud of your mother for so many things. She’s always there for us, always puts family first, works hard and is one hell of a Zumba dancer! And have you seen all of the 5K’s & Marathon’s she runs!? Amazing! From football, to basketball, to lacrosse and any other sport your brother’s play, she’s always on the sidelines cheering them on and encouraging them to do better and never give up. Your mom is an inspiration to me as a person, a mom and a woman.

I’ll keep checking in once-a-year with this letter and updating you about what’s new with the family. I hope you know how much we miss you and how much we love you. I hope you’re proud of us all and still watch over from time to time. Happy Birthday Nicholas, we love you!

Love You Always,
Andrea (your favorite cousin)


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