Dear Nicky,

Happy 23rd Birthday in heaven bud! I think I saw you the other day, shining through the sky, looking over Bridport.

Year 4 of these letters and it’s always amazing to me how much changes in a year. This year got away from me a bit, but I promise, I still make it to every one of Sam’s Home Football games! Wait until you hear the update about him!

As always, while I don’t know exactly who you’d be today, I know exactly who you’d be proud of;

Your Brothers:

72150981_2576862895690824_199778629951946752_oNate Graduated from Paul Smiths College in May and he’s working as a Surveyor in Bristol, it seems like he really likes it! He and Bekah have moved in together and brought home the cutest puppy, Huck. They finally let me do a photoshoot of them and we had so much fun (I still can’t believe how tall he is)!

Nate is one of my biggest supporters and Bekah just makes me smile. My heart is so filled with joy when I’m around them and while I write about them.

37107959_440176819795867_2501076721952882688_nSam is now a sophomore in high school, and he’s not just any sophmore, he made the MUHS Varsity Football team AND is on starting line for almost every game. Tonight they start the playoffs, going in undefeated! Sam is an incredible athlete with the biggest heart and the best attitude. We still keep our tradition of seeing a movie every year for his Birthday and it’s one of the things I look forward to the most in the Summer.

My heart is so full because I get to call these guys my cousins/brothers and just being with them makes me a better person.

Your Parents:

59856215_2307343642656278_1817500765187473408_oNot only are they amazing parents, but they are amazing god-parents as well. They are my home, my place in the football stands cheering on the tigers, they are my teachers, my nights texting with Aunty Chele about life, gardens and recipes, and they keep me grounded and humble. I’m not sure I could ever thank them enough for the countless things they’ve done for me over the years, without them, I don’t know who or where I’d be right now.

SamWarren_flagfootball-2017-0047You would be proud of your father for rocking the career he loves. He’s the Facilities Maintenance Manager for ACSU and loves helping the teachers and children around Addison County. He’s there for every game, event and moment of the boys lives and he is the most incredible man, father, uncle and friend to everyone around him.

IMG_0899You would be proud of your mother for so many things. She’s always there for us, always puts family first, works hard and is one hell of a Zumba dancer! And have you seen all of the 5K’s & Marathon’s she runs!? Amazing! From football, to basketball, to lacrosse and any other sport your brother’s play, she’s always on the sidelines cheering them on and encouraging them to do better and never give up. Your mom is an inspiration to me as a person, a mom and a woman.

I hope you’re sitting in the stands, cheering the Tigers on tonight and sending us some birthday good luck! I’ll keep checking in once-a-year with this letter and updating you about what’s new with the family. As always, we miss you & love you so much. I hope you’re proud of us all and still watch over from time to time. Happy Birthday Nicky!

Love You Always,
Andrea (your favorite cousin)


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